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Activity Discussion Environment How are mountains formed? Reply To: How are mountains formed?

  • Sudesna

    May 14, 2021 at 1:14 pm
    Not Helpful

    Mountains are formed by earthly movements ,which are slow and huge ,they are always moving it is formed from the pushing and pulling affect of the continents,they when pushed towards each other form a mountain and the earth crust made up of layers callef plates fits together like a puzzle and the slabs smash into one another pushing them upwards with the large scale movements of the earth,pushed beneath one another ,they get into a collision and get banged on and formed a mountain they are layers of rock pusjed towards each other moving upward in to the process.they are of different kinds and types they are basically result of a plate convergence and it describes the tectonic plate movements resulting in collision of two plates.

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