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Activity Discussion Environment Natural resources Reply To: Natural resources

  • Sudesna

    May 14, 2021 at 1:25 pm
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    Natural resources and sustainability go hand in hand ,they are the need of the hour ,the natural resources are water,sun ,air,the biosphere,its other living components,we need to conserve them in order to not let the order of cycles get disrupt in the process and not let the mother earth get in a disarray ,they are found naturally without any additional help ,so we need to save it for the betterment of humans ,we need to do the needful for the sustainance of the humans and let them evolve accordingly,they provide energy and other resources to the humans and also not used reasonay,they are used and extracted recklessly and always neglected,but they are the real gems which need to be looked and cared after,they constitute everything from magnetic to electrical sources and are very essential for healthy functioning of earth and also needs to cherished in the long run,we can conserve them by using less ,and not wasting them,also helping in their regeneration because if once losr,they can not be formed easily,they are the real beauty of earth and should be conserved accordinglg ,they would make the earth barren without them and the whole earthly processes would get disrupted leading to other grave consequences.

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