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Activity Discussion Essay Influence of Social Media Reply To: Influence of Social Media

  • Sakchi

    May 14, 2021 at 2:55 pm
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    Social media is an online platform on which we can share our thoughts, feelings , photos to our friends and family. Social media bridges the link between public and us. Through social media we can share what we are feeling right now. We can add our location where we are now. Social media platforms include:- Facebook, whatsapp , Instagram etc.

    Social media is very affective and influensive as:-

    1. Through social media we can inhance our career in online platforms, we can start making blogs , be will become influencer , youtuber and many more.

    2. We can use social media as platform for Advertising too. Through popups , display advertisements we can promote our product.

    3. It is said that any news is spread very fastly on social media. So , for providing any information social media is biggest platform.

    4. We can also do research work in social media, we can search about needed thing.

    5. We can easily find our friends in social media and in touch with them .

    Above mentioned points are positive influence of social media , it also has its negative influence too…

    1. There is no real, emotional connection between people . All things seems to be fake.

    2. Social media by name it is social but , face to face interactive nature of people decreases.

    3. Social media has also become a kind of addiction also and hence leads to laziness.

    4. It is also believed that fake news spread more rapidly in social media than authentic information.

    5. It has become a platform for many social crimes also and hence insecurity in our minds.

    Yes , as always it has both aspects but what is really needed that we should not believe in every news, we must search for authentic news. We must try to not spread false news. Stop giving too much details of your to any site.

    Thank you!!

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