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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What is Hydroelectricity? Reply To: What is Hydroelectricity?

  • Nehal

    May 14, 2021 at 4:53 pm
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    Hydroelectricity is also known as hydroelectric power or hydroelectric energy. Hydroelectricity is that form of electricity that is generated by generators which are placed in water. When water moves the generator kind os moves and generate hydroelectricity. It is generally fitted in dams, which also helps to block a river which may convert into a reservoir of water. When the blocked water is released, it has great pressure in it the pressure helps the turbine to rotate and that helps to generate electricity. It is considered to be a domestic source of energy, which allows each state to produce its electricity.

    This is one of the best method to renew energy. It almost generates one sixth of the world’s electricity. There is a lot less pollution when electricity is generated with the help of dam. In many countries electricity is generated with the help of hydroelectricity.

    Importance of Hydroelectricity

    1. When electricity is generated with the help of this method there is no harm to environment.

    2. There is no wastage in this method, and is very powerful and safe.

    3. It can be used a peaking power plant and this is one of biggest advantage of the same.

    4. It also helps to supply water for irrigation. As irrigation needs a lot water and is difficult to store that amount of water. So with help of hydroelectric one can access the water anytime.

    5. When there is major electricity outage or there is disturbance in electricity they provide essential backup of the same.

    With this there are also few disadvantages to it. When large dams are built it damages the environment. Building large dams requires a lot of material man force and money. With such changing time where there is a lot of climate change happening around there is shortage of water making it difficult to work on it.

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