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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Using mobile phone and its effects Reply To: Using mobile phone and its effects

  • Nehal

    May 14, 2021 at 5:12 pm
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    There is no such time limit of using mobile phones. one should not to excess of anything. excess of anything is dangerous for health. moblie phone emit such rays which causes various type of heath issues. one should avoid using it half an hour before going to sleep. Here are few advantages and disadvantages of the same-

    Advantages of Mobile phones:-

    • Huge source of information: A person can learn almost everything through a smartphone through the internet and various apps which are available to download. This is very helpful for a person as he can acquire knowledge through mobile phones. It can help students to learn, it can help a person to grow their business.

    • Communication: The main feature of a mobile phone is fast and easy communication with people. Within seconds we can contact a person and get in touch with our loved ones. This is very useful for any business as well because fast communication is the key to success.

    • Source of Entertainment: mobile phones are a huge source of entertainment. One can watch movies, play games, get in touch with their friends and family, listen to songs, etc.

    • Online banking and finance: A smartphone can be used for the purpose of online banking and finance. One can send and receive payments, maintain their financial books, and many other useful things. It also reduces the time cost of going to a bank. Instead one can carry out their transactions with a few clicks.

    Disadvantages of mobile phones:-

    • It causes isolation: Constant use of mobile phones causes addiction and the person minimizes his contact to other people. He/she always wants to use mobile phones even when they are with their friends. This results in mental issues and a high level of stress.

    • Wastage of time: when a person gets addicted to using mobile phones he/she starts constantly using it. This affects their daily routine and work/chores which are essential for their physical and mental growth. It wastes a lot of time which could have been utilized to do more meaningful activities.

    • Wastage of Money: these days value of a smartphone is very high and can cost more than 1 lakh rupees. This is a sheer waste of money and it could have been used for other meaningful purposes like charity, investment, etc. One should not waste a lot of money on smartphones.

    • Security Issues: Mobile phones are prone to hacking. There is some other useful data which is stored on our phones like passwords, bank account details which can be used against the person. One should pay close attention to the apps which are being downloaded by them.

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