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Activity Discussion General Discussion Online class vs offline class Reply To: Online class vs offline class

  • Manpreet

    May 14, 2021 at 9:13 pm
    Not Helpful

    We all are aware of the current situation of the pandemic and thus every institute, be it primary schools or post grad colleges, is following the trend of online classes. The professors teach their students using different platforms such as ZOOM, G-MEET, MS-TEAMS etc. Some of them also upload lectures on pre-designed softwares. No one would have ever thought of such days where pdfs would surpass handwritten notes and classroom teaching would be from our cozy rooms.

    I personally feel that online classes during this pandemic is a complete disaster. The students don’t get the chance to study practically, neither do they perform experiments in the lab nor do they study properly during the online classes. Studies are something that should be done sitting in an erect posture on a perfect study table, unlike from our cozy beds that most of the students have been doing.

    Moreover, there are millions of families in under developed or still developing countries that cannot afford laptops. There are regions and areas where network is still a problem. And apart from all these the student loses the chance to interact with the teacher personally and face to face. Most of the families are suffering from infection and during this phase the child is being asked to submit assignments- think about the effect on his / her mental health. Thus online classes are a disaster during this pandemic. But for now, this is the only option as education cannot be paused or else if the child once loses his focus, it will get highly difficult for him in the long run.

    Alternatives can be made as such taking weekly tests and asking questions regularly from the children in the online class – to mark their presence and attention. Moreover they should be asked to keep their cameras on so that no one attends the class from their cozy bed. The classes should be made interactive and liberty should be given to students who are suffering with infection.

    With a few modifications, online education can be proved as the most efficient way of teaching!!

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