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Activity Discussion Environment How is air pollution harmful for environment? Reply To: How is air pollution harmful for environment?

  • Mahima

    May 14, 2021 at 9:55 pm
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    Air contamination is the buildup of pollutants in the atmosphere that are harmful to humans and other living things, or that have an effect on the climate or products.

    The particles present in the air are as called as the pollutant. These particles can come from smoke emitted by cars or trucks. Pollutants are so harmful to your body that sometimes they can cause severe damage to your body.


    1.GLOBAL WARMING: One of the most concerning implications for scientists and environmentalists is global warming. The greenhouse effect, which is caused by the high release of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere, causes global warming. Since manufacturing is responsible for the majority of these gases, social responsibility and intervention by businesses and factories can help.

    2.CLIMATE CHANGE: Another effect of global warming is climate change. As the planet’s temperature rises, the normal climatic processes are disrupted, accelerating the shifts in these cycles in a noticeable manner.

    The mass of the poles is melting as a result of climate change, resulting in floods and increasing sea levels.

    3.ACID RAIN: The harmful gasses or substances which are emitted by factories, automobiles are very poisonous. As those compounds build up in the atmosphere and react with water, they form dilute nitric and sulphuric acid solutions, and when those combine it becomes rain, both the air and the surfaces suffer.

    4.GROUND’S DETERIORATION: Acid rain, climatic change all affect the ground. All the water and toxic gas seep into the ground and change the structure of the soil. It will have a direct impact on agriculture, the food we eat, and the crop cycle.

    5.RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Poisonous gasses and harmful pollutants can cause respiratory problems like asthma, cancer. It directly affects the lungs of the person due to which person feels difficulty in breathing.

    6.AFFECT ON BUILDING MATERIAL: Since air contaminants degrade and affect the composition of construction materials, many structures and facilities are damaged, degraded, or demolished at a faster pace over time.

    7.EXTINCTION OF ANIMAL SPECIES: As the ice of the pole is melting and the sea level is rising, the animals whose survival depends upon the ice, sea level are threatened. Ecosystems and forests are now disappearing as a result of deforestation and low soil quality.

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