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Activity Discussion General Discussion How to keep mental health good? Reply To: How to keep mental health good?

  • Manpreet

    May 15, 2021 at 12:20 am
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    Mental health is so very important. We don’t even know when a person needs help or is mentally stressed or depressed. No amount of money and luxuries can give you mental peace. It lies within. In today’s world, most of the people suffer from mental stress or depression. A happy go lucky person to the world might be a depressed soul when alone. Anxiety, depression, stress and suicidal thoughts are an alarm to call for help or therapy.

    How can you deal with it?

    Most of the people don’t seek help or therapy from professionals. The reason might be they don’t want others to know their suffering, or rather they find it difficult to speak. But trust me, therapy sessions with professionals help a lot. Talking your heart out will give you peace. They will not just listen to you but will also guide you and help you heal from within.

    Yoga and pranayama are a proven help to these problems.

    Get up early in the morning, practice some yoga and pranayama on a daily basis in an open environment. Breathe in the fresh air and exhale your stress out. Meditation will give you inner peace.

    Try finding a positive approach of living. Being positive will not just make you feel happy but will also spread positive vibes around you.

    Get yourself involved in stuffs that interests you. It could be dance, singing, paintings or reading books. Anything that you enjoy doing, will give you peace.

    Most importantly – talk it out, with friends, family or medical consultants. Relieve your pain or your thoughts. Overthinking will do no good to you. It will drain your peace and heath, abilities too. Before it gets too late seek help. Consulting a medical practitioner will do no harm to you. It’s the need of the hour. Take talking therapy sessions. Medicine and psychology has advanced a lot. Make full use of the support being provided to you by therapists.

    Any individual,
    irrespective of the gender, caste, creed, age can suffer from depression,
    anxiety, stress, mental illness etc. Before It gets too late, take medical help
    and therapies!!

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