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Activity Discussion General Discussion How to choose the correct path of life? Reply To: How to choose the correct path of life?

  • Mahima

    May 15, 2021 at 12:22 pm
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    Choosing the correct path in your life:

    It is very normal for a person to get confused while choosing which path is correct for him/her. Before beginning something new, we all have fear of failure.

    We often hear people saying choose what you love to do or follow your passion, but when it comes to reality it is not that easy. It is very much okay if you have felt directionless at some point in your life, as everybody goes through this phase at least once in their life.

    Even motivation lectures or songs can’t show magic when you are already down due to some situation. But never feel lonely in this journey, as many are traveling on the same boat as you are.

    There are some ways to choose the correct path of your life:

    a. Be honest to yourself: Everybody can lie to you on your face, but you are the one who can not lie to yourself. Analyze and be honest to yourself about what do you want exactly in your life. Do not choose the path because everybody is choosing it, choose the path in which you will feel happiness from within,

    b. Stay Healthy: You can’t walk on the correct path if you are not well mentally or emotionally. Choosing the correct path at the stake of your health will not lead you anywhere. Do exercises or meditate for a healthy body and mind.

    c. Pursue your passion: Walk on a path that will motivate you to get up every day with the same energy and zeal for learning something new. Even you can convert your hobby into a passion.

    d. Experience: All of us have some kind of experience whether good or bad, so Utilize that experience and apply it today while choosing the correct path.

    e. Analyze the output: Before choosing the path. just analyze the outcomes of that particular path. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of that path.

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