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Activity Discussion Environment What is the impact of plastic in eco system? Reply To: What is the impact of plastic in eco system?

  • Ishita

    May 15, 2021 at 6:33 pm
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    Impact of plastic on our eco system

    Plastic has become a very important part of our daily. Specifically for urban areas. People are obsessed with it , we regularly use it. It is seen to be every were like market place, shopping mall and also in our own houses too. We never thought off the massive account of harm it can cause on our environment. So first off we all know that we always need to avoid Non-biodegradable products as it’s very harmful towards our nature ,but still can’t able to avoid the plastic which is Non-biodegradable waste too. So plastic is a very harmful products which can ruin the eco system totally. There are some reason how it can cause harm towards the environment, we all know that plastic is a non-biodegradable material so it can’t totally destroy or dissolve , it always exist forever. As it eternal that’s the massive use of it cause a higher level of pollution in the nature. Plastic effect the whole nature and world including human life, wildlife, aquatic life. Plastic pollution our water, soil, and also do harm aquatic animals. Every year a large amount plastic was found from wate , it leads to the water become unpurified, so you can imagine how much it can effect on our lives. Plastic are always found on the land so it effect on the fertility rate of the soil and totally ruined it. Some of the aquatic animals mistakenly swallow it and choked to death. Apparently, a record showed that most of dolphins died due to plastic, they accidentally ate it and it stuck in their mouth so they can’t able to eat anything and die due to starvation. So we can see how much plastic harmfully effect on the eco system.We should always prevent using plastic and always prefer biodegradable meterial.

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