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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why is it important to stay updated with the news happening around? Reply To: Why is it important to stay updated with the news happening around?

  • Anushree

    May 15, 2021 at 7:00 pm
    Not Helpful

    Its extremely important for each one of us to update ourself with each passing day. Continuous research and development are essential to cope up with the evolution and walk with the generation to avoid any kind of backlog. If we fail to develop ourself with the ever-developing world we will fall back from our tracks, will lack in knowledge and thus will set a back gear for each and every aspect.

    Lack of knowledge will keep us away from the enlightenment and soon we shall lose interest in life as because we will fail to understand things, adopt newer methods, use technology and apply them and thus finally renovated our lifestyles. Living in the veil of darkness also takes us to the wrong path and marks us in the path of wrong discission which causes much harm to our life.

    Not staying updated even at times lets us face false position and even creates communication barrier as we are not having enough knowledge therefore, we cannot participate in any meaningful conversation actively and thus builds in an inferiority complex which sequentially takes the moral down and makes one feel depressed and it may even lead to a number of mental health issues.

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