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Activity Discussion Environment What is the impact of plastic in eco system? Reply To: What is the impact of plastic in eco system?

  • Anushree

    May 15, 2021 at 7:35 pm
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    Our world today is facing numerous challenges and one of these greatest challenges is POLLUTION. The earth is contaminated with various human waste and is turning unhealthy day by day, one of the key elements which plays a major role in causing environmental pollution is PLASTIC. This is such an element which each one of us use in a great amount in our daily lives. Starting from packaging of food till disposing garbage plastic materials are used in each and every field.

    Plastic has a furious impact on the lives of living beings, as because it is non-biodegradable in nature it does not mix up with soil and causes soil pollution, it says in the soil for million of years and even passes on to the water bodies contaminating them it eventually chokes various land and water animals. If it is burnt it releases toxic gases hence contributing in air pollution, the released toxic gases are inhaled by all the organisms which leads to various breathing problem.

    Its high time for us to take care of the situation and follow the three R’s REDUCE, RECYCLE and REFUSE very strictly. Only if we follow all the measures and adopt various measures to reduce the use of plastic then only it is possible to overcome such a situation.

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