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Activity Discussion Environment Ground water Reply To: Ground water

  • Aashutosh

    May 15, 2021 at 7:48 pm
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    Most groundwater comes from precipitation. Precipitation penetrates below the ground surface into the zone of the soil. When the soil zone becomes saturated, water drains downward. A zone of saturation takes place where all the gaps are filled with water.

    There is also a zone of aeration where these small gaps are partially filled by water and partially by air. Groundwater continues to drops down at some depth and then it merges into a zone of dense rock. Water gets accumulated in the pores of such rocks. The pores are not connected to any other water source and water will not migrate. They accumulate in one place and later are used as groundwater. It fills again in the rainy season in tropical climates or in winter during temperate climates.

    So here is some method that might help you to save water.

    1. Close the water tap while brushing your teeth.

    2. Take shorts baths.

    3. Use the washing machine fully loaded, not half-loaded.

    4. Install a water meter.

    5. Use a method like Rainwater Harvesting.

    6. Take short baths.

    7. Do not water drylands.

    8. Use water-friendly equipment.

    9. Avoid running sprinklers on a rainy, windy, or in the middle of the day as the water will evaporate.

    10. Don’t waste too much water in summer.

    11. Avoid flushing your toilets too many times.

    12. Don’t leave the water running while you wash the dishes.

    13. Double-check faucets and pipes for leaks.

    14. Use less water while doing laundry or do less laundry.

    15. Water the plants with a watering can.

    16. Wash your car with a bucket and soap, not with a running hose.

    17. Use Dry Farming, rotational Grazing, etc.

    18. Increase the awareness of water conservation in your neighborhood.

    19. Educate the people about the importance of water and how to conserve it.

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