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Activity Discussion Essay Online classes or offline classes which one is better and why? Reply To: Online classes or offline classes which one is better and why?

  • Anushree

    May 15, 2021 at 8:02 pm
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    Education is an integral part of each and everyone out there. Education passing through decades has also evolved and in today’s date it is a lot technical and is evolving each day to engage students in a very creative manner. These days education is available in two very different and vivid platform.

    ONLINE EDUCATION: Education presently is broadly shifted in online mode, especially after the pandemic when the whole world is restricted in their homes but students are getting their access to education and this platform is flourishing at a great pace. Various institutes are shifting their platform and getting themselves evolved through live classes, one to one interaction, live solution to quiz, doubt solving and many more.

    OFFLINE EDUCATION: Offline education refers to the traditional form of education where the teacher and students sit face to face and impart knowledge. The offline education system is the one which is prevalent in schools and colleges.

    Now if we compare between Online and offline modes of education both have its own advantages and disadvantages, but personally I prefer online mode of education more as because:

    1. A lot of time is saved as one does not need to travel from one place to another for classes.

    2. A lot of interactive and animated study materials are provided which helps in clearing concept of students.

    3. A student gets one to one attention and personalized help.

    4. Classes can very easily be rescheduled according to the need of students.

    5. Recorded lectures are even available in case a student needs to revise a particular topic.

    6. Step by step timely evaluations are provided which helps the students to rectify their mistakes.

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