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    May 15, 2021 at 9:25 pm
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    The atom bomb is a brilliant and one of the most superior thought inventions ever.

    It’s dangerous. But, definitely Brilliant.

    And all the credit goes to Robert Oppenheimer, who is also known as the “father of Atom bomb”, for its creation.

    History has witnessed the first atom bomb detention at a far-off place in New Mexico a long time ago.

    The planning of producing something like this was started with the project: The Manhattan Project”. Of course, it was coded so that other people could get any idea of it before it actually releases.

    At that time, the Russians were evolving vigorously. Their technological advancement was beyond any American or European standards.

    Thus the thought behind the origin of the Atom Bomb came into play.


    Atom Bomb, as we all know, is a nuclear weapon.

    Let’s understand how it works.

    In simple words, when two nuclei collide, or a single nucleus split itself, they release an uncontrolled amount of energy.

    Weapons that are nuclear weapons derive their energy from this only.

    Particularly, they chemically influence the process to modify the results.

    Fission reaction is the main mechanism of the atom bomb. It creates massive explosions as a result. Fission reactions can be done only by few isotopes of certain elements. Hence the range becomes shortened. The commonly used isotopes are Uranium-235 and Plutonium-239.

    The required critical mass is an essential key to creating nuclear bombs.

    The mass is dependent on the material inversely. So when under closed condition, under the external chemical influence, around a sample sphere of the required isotope is treated. The isotopes get blasted off in the circular enclosed sphere, and thus by force they come together.

    As soon as the critical mass is achieved, the neutrons are introduced into the reaction and thus the fission reactions take place.

    So what happens exactly in an atom bomb?

    This particular fission energy is used for colliding hydrogen isotopes. Thus magnified energy is released, which million times greater than the initial temperature and thus, the blast occurs.

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