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  • Aparajita

    May 16, 2021 at 12:12 pm
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    In general, family is a group of people that stay together, relate to each other and stand for each other. Major function of a family is to take care of well being of their members and of the society. Ideally, one of the primary functions of family is to maintain production and reproduction biologically and socially. Families are broadly classified into two types-

    · Nuclear family

    · Joint family

    Difference between nuclear and joint family is just not limited to difference in number of members, there is more to it. Here is a brief explanation to the above-mentioned types of family.

    Nuclear family

    Such a family, generally comprises of mother, father and their children. Nuclear families are also known as conjugal or elementary families. In this type of family, the flow of income is relatively lower as there is usually just a single earner in the house. Emotions shared between members in such household is quite straightforward and direct. There is more scope of freedom and privacy and less expenses. While there are perks to it, there are some disadvantages too. Members in such families don’t tend to socialize with distant relatives often, and all the members are quite like-minded, meaning no scope in having broad perspective, as all the members think on the same lines.

    Joint family

    Such a family, generally comprise of relatives such as aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. Joint families are also known as extended families. Such families, generally earn more economically, as there are multiple earners in the house. Emotions shared between members of this household is more extended, every member has his/her special bond and closeness with other. Major advantage of joint family is consistent income, fallback place, constant and more support and moreover, the kids grow up with more learned. However there are few disadvantages like less privacy, less freedom, less space, tendency of jealousy and quarrel and also more expenses.

    I hope this answer helps! 😊

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