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  • Aruja

    May 16, 2021 at 1:31 pm
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    There are different purposes to loose weight. Some wants to get healthy, some want slim body, some just want to recover from there existing health conditions, etc. So the ways to loose depend on your reason for going on a weight lose journey. But whatever the reason is, we should be clear with some things.

    <font face=”inherit”>1)No starving- If you will starve yourself, you will grow many diseases and problems, pains in your body. Your body will go on starvation mode, in which the body will not be able to provide </font>enough<font face=”inherit”> energy tat is </font>required<font face=”inherit”> to perform daily activities. There is no use of diet if there is no proper exercise is included. </font>

    2) Don’t build weak metabolism- You will loose all your metabolism as there will be no work for it. Work of metabolism is to maintain the high speed of the process of digestion. If you will not eat anything there will be no use left for your metabolism, then once you will loose weight. Once you will eat again for 3,4 days you will observe a massive weight gain, as your metabolism is not working properly.

    3) Don’t overwork yourself- People think that they can achieve there goals in a week or so, and for this they try to do exercise for 3,4 hours straight from the firs day with less food intake. You are only developing malnutrition.

    Once you are clear with these 3 things you just need to follow the following steps.

    1) Exercise – To lose weight you should do exercise daily or 5 days a week to achieve your target whatever the reason of weight loos is. Daily 30 min minimum and 2 hours maximum. Not less than 30 min it will be of no use it and not more that 2 hour it will only make you feel exhausted.

    2) Proper diet- You should at least take 1500-2000 calories for female and 2500- 3000 for male. You can cut calories like sugar, extra carbohydrates, soda, etc but take properly divided nutrition’s, calcium, vitamin, proteins, mineral, iron, etc. you should cut all junk but organic things you should eat. Many things like citrus fruits, nuts, berries help in weight loos.

    3) Proper rest- Take proper rest to gather and save energy. sleep also repair the injures and pains during exercise.

    4) Give time- People think that it could be done in a week or so. But everyone body is different. Give your routine time to work on you, keep stuck to it, it may take a month or 2 but it will work for sure. It may not show difference in appearance, but internally you can feel it.

    If you cannot do cardio go for walk, yoga, areal exercise, etc there are plenty of option but don’t give up. And rather that loosing weight to obtain that hourglass body do it for a better and healthy lifestyle without any external pressure.

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