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Activity Discussion General Discussion What makes us human? Reply To: What makes us human?

  • Manpreet

    May 17, 2021 at 1:08 am
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    This is a really good question that can have different Answers.

    Being human or acting like a human being can have 2 views – philosophical and scientific. Talking about the philosophical view, being human not just means to have a human figure . It means to act generously, sincerely. To have a polite behaviour. To sympathise and be empathetic enough to understand someone’s situation. To be kind enough to understand someone’s life. To be sorrowful towards someone else’s sufferings. Being kind, generous, sympathetic, empathetic, emotional, having feelings and affection towards a living creature makes us a good human. So this was something from a philosophical point of view.

    But we belong to a scientific generation where nothing can be accepted if science doesn’t approves it. So, from scientific point of view, a human being belongs to the

    Kingdom – Animalia

    Phylum – Chordata

    Class – Mammalia

    Genus – Homo

    Species – sapiens

    Thus, humans have a scientific name of Homo sapiens. They can be categorised as the most complex and the most intelligent animals that have the most complex body systems.

    1. The skeletal system made up of 206 bones in an adult.

    2. The muscular system consisting of about 600 muscles, with the smallest muscle in the ear and the largest in the buttocks.

    3. The respiratory system consisting of well developed lungs.

    4. The circulatory system for circulation of the blood throughout the body.

    5. The digestive system starting from mouth and ending in anus, where the food gets masticated, digested, absorbed and excreted.

    6. The excretory system to carry out the nitrogenous wastes from the body.

    7. The reproductive system to carry out reproduction.

    8. The endocrine system for proper functioning of the body.

    9. The nervous system that acts as the command system of the body.

    The entire organ system is covered with the largest organ of the body, that is, the skin.

    With the most complex brain, humans have millions of nerves, each having its importance. Each cell has a nucleus that contains the hereditary units- the genes, or the DNA. Humans have double helical DNA structure made up of deoxy ribose sugar, a phosphate group and a nitrogenous base. The DNA contains the information of the heridity. DNA is contained in the chromosomes. There are 46 chromosomes, 23 pairs, with 22 pairs known as the somatic chromosomes and the last pair as the sex chromosomes. These could be XX for females, and XY for males.

    Humans have the most complex body system. They work accordingly and thus a human survives, with the development of each cell and tissue. It is a complex system of coordinated mechanisms.

    Thus this was a biological point of view about a human.

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