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Activity Discussion General Discussion Major steps to reach higher in life Reply To: Major steps to reach higher in life

  • Kumari

    May 17, 2021 at 11:14 am
    Not Helpful

    Major steps to reach higher in life are:-
    1. Plan and attack:-This means that a person should be doing there work in a planned way so that nothing remains left nor something is given more than the needed.
    2. Discuss from everyone, decide yourself:- Discuss about there experience from everyone ,the pros and cons ,what can better be done in the work or for yourself but make sure to take your decision independently. Think ,take time ,draw a conclusion but do not get totally influenced by others work.
    3. Praise everyone and do not get jealous of there sucess:- Every person who is working on themselves will be sucessfull praise them and talk to them how were they able to make it. Don’t hesistate in communicating, maybe they discuss about the ways that they followed which can he helpful to you as well. But not everytime, everyone has there own mantras to succed in life. Create one.
    3. Read a good book:- Go for a good book. It will give you information about lots of aspects. There are books about renouned people’s failure and how did they rise. It will you morals and ways to deal with failure because failures are the part of the success.
    4. Discuss with your parents: As they have a lot of experience they will be able to motivate you and help you deal with problems, and create an environment where no one will judge you. Respect and obey your parents.
    5. Keep contact with the nature:- Staying in contact with nature, gardening, planting helps the mind to relax and get ready to grasp the things that is to be done afterwards.
    6. Set a time for using mobile phones- There should be an appropriate time assigned for using phone as it is very addictive. Avoid using phone for researching something and instead go for laptops.

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