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  • Sakchi

    May 17, 2021 at 11:49 am
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    Every person have their goal in their life . What I exactly mean to say we people took birth for a purpose . Since when we born , we first learn to fight for getting our place . Every person wants to be at number one . No one wanted to be at second or third but this is brutal truth that first will be only one and so on.

    In this world Where everyone is fighting for money, property , status I am thinking is this is the only purpose of our life. We come on this earth get the life to fight only. If yes than one day a time will come when we will also loose our life. We die and this is immortal truth of life. The only thing remains in heart of every individual is our nature , behaviour , love and respect towards them.

    So, we need to learn how to build up our characters:-

    1. Man is a social animal. He has a ability to sense , share his feelings towards other . So we need to be social towards every one , every life and everything. We must respect others feelings too. We must not give us priority only. We firstly think about others than for us.

    2. Donot give value to money more than anyone’s life. Money is very important for making our life smooth but only upto some extent . So priority must be given to relationships between you and me.

    3. Taking care of animals too:- we and animals are quite similar but the only thing is different that we have ability to speak but they donot speak . So must try to give love and care to them also.

    4. Respect for nature :- Nature is our first mother. It provides everything essential for living ( oxygen, food, shelter, place to live,any many more ) for free. So we must try to be friendly with them also . We must stop deforestation and aware people about the importance of trees.

    These are the qualities by which we can built up our character. Character cannot be built in one day. It requires hard work of numbers of years . But I can be loose in just a few seconds.

    So try to be real. Spread love, care happiness and joy.

    Thank you!!

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