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  • Sakchi

    May 17, 2021 at 12:12 pm
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    Hygiene is something that is related to both physically and mentally . Hygiene describes to be clean . To just pull out dirt and glorify yourself. If we are taking a proper diet on time. We are taking proper amount of nutrients required for our body but after this also if we are weak and fall ill after a short intervals of time than we must check our hygiene practises although, it also impact on our body too.

    If you visit to your doctor and ask him about maintaing hygiene they also tell you why it is so important.

    1. Cleaning up is very important as it directly impact on your current mood. For example:- if you come home after spending a whole day in your office and you are very tired but your room is very messy as well as dirty than it will brutally impact on your mind and you become agressive . So clean and schedule room ( environmental hygiene) is very necessary for having a calm and polite behaviour.

    2. It is said that dirty and unhygienic area are breeding place of number of arthropods , virus and fungus that indirectly effects to your health and leads to severe disease like diarrhoea and dysentery. It was also believed that bacteria replicate themselves at every twenty minutes and just calculate if you left over the unwashed plate for a whole night then you just can’t image it is now a breeding place of trillions of bacteria.

    3. Maintaining personal hygiene is equally very important to keep us healthy . Un healthy lifestyle practices like not cutting your nails will affect you. Also to avoid severe fungal and bacterial growth you need to bath daily.

    4. Mental hygiene:- it is also as important as maintaining personal and physical hygiene. As mental health will impact directly on our work. If we are mentally sound than we are capable to do work efficiently and result oriented. We must try to avoid that person who demotivate us. Always point out our flaws with no reason. Donot try to overthink in any situation.

    Although we don’t need to be perfect we just wanted to be real. Thus , it is very important to maintain our personal hygiene .

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