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  • Sakchi

    May 17, 2021 at 12:34 pm
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    Firstly I would like to define family so family is the place where people live together . Family generally consists of mother , father, grandmother , grandfather and your siblings. Now a question must be arising in our mind why we need family or what is the importance of family.

    So family is the pillar of ever individual. Whenever we are having trouble or problems only there is our family members who loves and support us.

    In a family each and every member share their pain , feelings , problems to everyone . In a family a person’s happiness is family happiness and a person’s pain is a family pain.

    It is said that family is considered as first school of us, where we learn our basic atticates of our life like how to react to others , elders, how to speak with politeness , how to sit and so on .

    There is a huge importance of family in everyone’s life. Family is the place where you take birth , grow, live your life and die.

    Family is always with you .

    Now as we know there are basically two types of family like :-

    ° nuclear family and

    ° joint family

    Nuclear family

    This is a short type of family. Separated family . This family consists of mother ,father and children . This type of family is generally founded in USA or UK .

    In this family the family size is very small. All persons are busy in their own life generally, both the parents are working and child are busy at their work.

    In this type of family there is always a kind of personal feelings. Children belongs to these kind of family are mostly introvert. This is also a kind of “MODERN FAMILY”

    Joint family

    As according to the name joint”together”. In this kind of family the whole members lives together . This family generally consists of grandparents, parents, children , aunt and uncle.

    This is a kind of “TRADITIONAL FAMILY”. joint family are mostly popular in India only. Each day in a joint family is like holiday or like festival because all the members spent lots of time together happily.

    All the family members are like support pillar of each other.

    But there are some of the reason why people choose nuclear family instead of joint family :-

    1. Due to their job place

    2. Dispute between members

    3. Burden ( economical)

    4. Sometimes they only want personal life .

    But I personally loves joint family .

    Thank you!!!

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