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  • Aashutosh

    May 17, 2021 at 3:21 pm
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    A polynomial is an algebraic expression defined by the sets of variables, coefficients, and exponents joined together by the arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.

    Degree of a Polynomial

    The degree of the polynomial is defined as the highest degree of one variable that has the largest exponent is called the degree of the polynomial.

    There are three types of polynomials.

    1. Monomial: A polynomial that has one term is known as a Monomial. This term should be a non-zero term.

    2. Binomial: A polynomial that has two-term is known as a Binomial. It is considered as the addition or subtraction of two monomial terms. The first term should be a non-zero term.

    3. Trinomial: A polynomial that has three-term is known as a Trinomial. The first term should be a non-zero term.

    Examples of Polynomial is as follows:

    1. x^2+5x-11

    2. 6x^3+4x^3+3x+1

    3. 6x^4+3x^3+3x^2+2x+1

    4. 4x^4+1x+1

    5. 3x+1

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