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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What are Newton’s Laws of motion? Reply To: What are Newton’s Laws of motion?

  • Edutuber

    May 17, 2021 at 6:27 pm
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    Isaac Newton (1642–1727) is best known for having formulated the theory of universal gravity . Isaac newton was one of the megaminds who invented the unknown trajectories of physical world. His theories of gravity and motion stirred a fusion of illusion between science and religion by which he was able to overthrow the upper hand of religion existed then. His theories of motion include three laws. Newton’s first law , Newton’s second law and Newton’s third law. Among these third law is the most popular laws among laws of motion. It states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction .The first law states that an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless it is acted upon by an external force.The second law states that the rate of change of momentum of an object is directly proportional to the force applied, or, for an object with constant mass, that the net force on an object is equal to the mass of that object multiplied by the acceleration. These three laws donated a vast ideas in the field of physics which evoked a larger introspective abilities among physical world.

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