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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on gender equality. Reply To: Essay on gender equality.

  • Ishita

    May 17, 2021 at 6:30 pm
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    Gender equality

    Gender equality is very familiar to us today it means both men and women can have equal opportunity in every possible field.We lived in 21 th century were we human beings defined as developed and modernize.Still we found that men and women are not seen as equal way. There are various time when we encounter gender discrimination, specially in rural area but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen it urban places. But as a modern and educated society we have to see men and women as a same way. Around the globe men and women do not have equal privilege.They both have the right to be educate, to successful and fearless. There are many people exist in this society who thought girl children are just burden on the other hand boy children brings prosperity in house. Women always seen as a weaker sex mentally, physical and socially but it isn’t true women can do whatever they want to do in life if they had equal opportunity as men. In this society the work of a working women is always seen as secondary but men’s are always seen to be more important.No matter how much women hardwork if there’s a time to quit job it always have to be the women. Women always have to sacrifice everything for their families, reports says 50% women’s quit their jobs after child birth. In India approximately 30% of girls being married below age 18. In many rular places women are not being consider capable of education rather their place is in household works. We all know this is baseless.If we want to change our society and want make it move developed then we have to give equal rights to the women of our country, We need both men and women to change our nation. Like Swami Vivekanand said “The best thermometer to the progress of nation is it’s treatment of it’s women”.

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