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  • Jyothi krishna

    May 17, 2021 at 6:39 pm
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    Hygiene is the most important thing in daily life of humans. Humans are give much important to personal hygiene and mental hygiene. By having a good hygiene it is able to avoid much health and mental diseases. There are different types of hygiene including personal, mental, social etc… I am not completely accepting the hygiene is good. Because some times over hygiene leads us to a way of mental disorder. Have a good environment and personality, that is the main idea of hygiene. The basic unit of a society is family and a single person/ member of a family is the basic unit of family. Each family joins to form a society. So that personal hygiene leads to a healthy society.

    If most of the people in a society have personal hygiene,then they didn’t need much focus on the hygiene of the society. Automatically personal hygiene leads to a hygienic society. It helps the society to overcome all health problems.

    Personal hygiene includes:

    Wash your teeth daily two times

    Use toilet and bathroom properly and clean it well

    Wash your hands before you enter your home.

    Wash hands before and after taking food

    Take bath every day in hygienic water.

    And also have a good mental health. It is also a part of personal hygiene.

    It includes: have a good sleep, don’t give importance to negative people and their comments. Always stay positive and enjoy what you are now.

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