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Activity Discussion Essay School Picnic to A Village Reply To: School Picnic to A Village

  • Tejasri

    May 17, 2021 at 6:43 pm
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    School picnic to a village

    Going for a picnic to a village is a very good decision that one can be. School picnic that is going with all the friends and some of the staff is a very interesting and joyful thing. Rounding the village helps the child do you know what is the importance of the village and how the villagers are surviving. It is a mandatory thing for everybody to know the importance of the village and to show the respect towards the village people.

    In the villages we can come across trees ,farms, buffalos,etc. It is important to know what a village consist of and what are the culture.

    Being a child, it is important to learn everything. And knowing about a village is a bliss. So whatever we are learning and whatever we are doing we must do with all the fun and with the enthusiasm.

    In villages we can come across trees, buffaloes, Farms, mini kind of animals etc. it is a great study of things to come across all of these. Basically, we don’t see in life all of these in life but in the villages we can have a look on them.

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