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Activity Discussion Environment Environment Reply To: Environment

  • Soniya

    May 17, 2021 at 7:20 pm
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    Waste materials produced by human beings are very harmful to the environment. They cause a lot of pollution and degradation of our natural resources. Waste product can be classified into two types depending on their ability to degrade.

    The first category of waste is biodegradable waste. This category of waste contains items such as vegetable peels, remains of fruits, plant leaves, excrement of various living organisms, dead decaying matter etc.

    All this type of waste can be degraded naturally over a period of time. These waste do not pollute or cause harm to the environment. They get decomposed after sometime on their own. They do not cause any serious harm to the environment and are used as natural compost and manure. These types of waste enrich the soil with good bacteria and nutrients.

    The second category of waste is the non biodegradable waste. The examples of this kind of waste include plastic ,polythene ,thermocol ,metal ,glass, fabrics ,shoes etc.

    These waste material do not degrade in the environment and cause severe harm to the surroundings. This category of waste also include the e-waste which include our electronic waste like computer parts, parts of mobile phones, chargers etc. These waste should be disposed properly so that they can be reused and recycled if possible. This type of which should not be mixed with biodegradable waste as the biodegradable waste will be of no use afterwards.

    The non biodegradable type of waste stays in the environment for long periods of time and takes hundreds and thousands of years to decay. Because various harmful and polluting effects to the environment and therefore their use should be reduced. The focus should be on recycling more and more items so that wastage can be minimised and pollution can be controlled.

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