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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on gender equality. Reply To: Essay on gender equality.

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 17, 2021 at 7:44 pm
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    In our country or in our world, everyone has an opportunity to meet with society at a time in the life. Because everyone are now interactive with the society. Society means a group of people with out any barrier in gender. There are only employer and employee. I think in this time period gender problem are very low. The reason is that,both men and women are not give any importance to their gender at the moment. They are just enjoying the way they are. But not in complete. There are traditional families who were not allowed their girl children to work in a city or have a higher studies in abroad. The reason is not about the their view. But their fear about their child. But now most of the girls are able to break the chains. And most of our mothers and other women’s have the dream to live without any shakles of chain, but they can’t. So that they are silently support their girl children to go ahead.

    In work places, school,market or any public platforms most of the men are interested to support women. They give respect to them and take respect. Majority of the men are not focus the gender of the opponent in the business field. They only focus on the talent and skills of them. But there are a few people who show gender inequality that is the reason to make an argument about it.

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