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Activity Discussion Environment Environment Reply To: Environment

  • Aruja

    May 17, 2021 at 7:52 pm
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    Pollution- It is a term that is used to describe that any type of harmful element is introduced to environment. It is very harmful for every organism, element, mineral that is the part of ecosystem. Types of pollutions categorised according to there form of present in environment. Here we will be talking about Sound pollution.

    Sound pollution- It is present in the form of sound in the atmosphere which is produced by the loud noises produced by any object. Example- factory, old machines, loud unpleasant music/sound, yelling, etc. It directly affect your entire mind by entering through your ears. It can make your ear pain and sometimes it may harm your ear with serious injuries. It makes you irritated and angry. Which is not good for your mental health. It causes you discomfort in hearing properly after a loud noise is heard by you.

    It is as dangerous as other pollution. So you should make sure that you should not spread noise pollution, and don’t let others spread it. It is very harmful to humans as well as animals, as they also face the same problems.

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