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Activity Discussion Environment Why is oxygen necessary to survive and what will happen if there is no oxygen in Reply To: Why is oxygen necessary to survive and what will happen if there is no oxygen in

  • Aruja

    May 17, 2021 at 8:09 pm
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    Oxygen is one of the most important gases. A living organism is alive only if they are getting proper amount of oxygen and it doesn’t matter if it’s a animal or human or aquatic animal. Humans and animals that lives on land acquired oxygen in the form of gas and the aquatic animals require oxygen from water that is present in the form of H2O.

    Oxygen is important because it helps a body to create energy for daily activities. Like walking, talking even for sleeping we require energy and that energy is made when oxygen is in our body. Oxygen helps in breaking down of of complex substances that we intake as food into the simplest substance to convert them into carbohydrates glucose and starch that is obtained by a body in order to provide energy to us to do daily task.

    If oxygen disappeared is from the planet it will not only affect living organisms, but also their surroundings and the things present in the atmosphere because many elements like buildings, concrete walls are bond together because they have oxygen present in their building blocks and if oxygen disappear concrete building will fall down within a minute. It will affect water as well as water consists of Oxygen and hydrogen and if oxygen disappeared from water it will be just hydrogen left. There will be change in climate as well as the atmospheric conditions. Many Cycles will be disturbed completely because there will be no oxygen.

    Of course oxygen is very important for maintaining life on earth. Being human and other living organisms are made this way that new require oxygen to stay alive.

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