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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Parts of speech Reply To: Parts of speech

  • Aparajita

    May 17, 2021 at 8:22 pm
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    According to ancient English, Part of Speech are different types of words that combine together having similar grammatical properties. It works in accordance with syntactic functions.

    Part of Speech contains of 9 parts. They are listed below:

    1. Nouns

    2. Pronouns

    3. Adjectives

    4. Verbs

    5. Adverbs

    6. Prepositions

    7. Conjunctions

    8. Interjections

    9. Articles/Determiners

    Here is brief explanation of above-mentioned Part of Speech parts-

    · Nouns

    Noun is any place, thing or person. For example:

    a) My name is Ana. (person)

    b) That is a box. (thing)

    c) Next left would be Oberoi Mall. (place)

    · Pronouns

    Pronouns stand for the nouns in a sentence. For example: he, she, it, who, which and many more.

    · Adjectives

    Adjectives are words that describe the nouns and pronouns. For example:

    a) She is a beautiful girl.

    b) The dress is so silky.

    c) The tree is tall.

    d) The ball is round.

    · Verbs

    Verbs are active words that describe a particular actions. For example:

    Drink, dance, sing, many more.

    · Adverbs

    Adverbs describe verbs, adjectives as well as other adverbs. For example:

    Softly, lazily, often, many more.

    · Prepositions

    Prepositions are words that depict role relations between nouns and pronouns. For example:

    Against, up, over and many more.

    · Conjunctions

    Conjunctions are words that join two or more words and phrases, they act as connectors. For example:

    a) She is sweet and simple.

    b) I went to market but it was closed.

    · Interjections

    Interjections are words that can stand alone, as they express different feelings. For example:

    Wow!, Woah!, Lovely!, and many more.

    · Articles/Determiners

    Articles and determiners specify and identify nouns, and there are indefinite and definite articles. For example:

    Article- a, an, the

    Determiners- these, that, those and many more.

    I hope this answer helps!😊

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