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Activity Discussion General Discussion Things that are important in life Reply To: Things that are important in life

  • Sakchi

    May 18, 2021 at 11:19 am
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    We as a social animal have has a purpose why we took birth. Yes , obviously we don’t know what is it. We get live to achieve our goal . But , everyday we are doing something either it is right or it is may wrong . Doing something right or wrong is not always in control . We do something by our own choice , no one can force us to do so.

    But , as we know we are humans only we don’t know about our future life. What will be the result of our work .

    As according to the question , how to know what is really important in our life ? Yes this is the most interesting question . So I my opinion :-

    1. Whenever you are doing something any important work , or anything else it must have a purpose . You may ask yourself is this is important in my Life. If the answer is “yes” than yes.

    2. If you are doing something that is not result oriented but also it takes your valuable time , than it is not important in your life.

    3. Another very very important thing in life that you must be a good human being first before being a doctor, CEO or anything. A good man always do good works ,he will never be selfish in his life, he always believe in community development.

    4. Any result oriented work it literally very important in your life. Like your studies etc.

    5. It is also very important that you should be real in your life. Tendance to be perfect will adversely effect your self -confidance .

    6. If you don’t have too much money no issues, but you must have a pious soul and heart that is most important.

    7. You should be determined , punctual to yourself . What is the purpose of your life should be your priorities.

    8. Never judge any book with its cover. It means never give anyone right to judge yourself on the basis of stereotypes qualities and also never judge anyone too.

    9. Help others. Help animal and nature .

    These are the most important thing in my life. Hope you are satisfied with my answer.

    Thank you!!

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