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Activity Discussion General Discussion Things to forget in life Reply To: Things to forget in life

  • Sakchi

    May 18, 2021 at 11:37 am
    Not Helpful

    Life is all about forgetting our past not to worry about the future and always enjoy our present . Yes this statement means remembering our past always gives us pain and thinking about our future , what will happen will cause tension. So what is needed that we should live in present , enjoy it together. It is always said that person who lives in present will always try to make their present as well as future happy. As we are human only we don’t have any control over time , situations and circumstances.

    But some of the things that need to forget in our life , I my opinion these are:-

    1. Our past either it was good or bad we need to forget it as if our past was good it will give a kind of anxiety why our present is not like that . We started comparing. And if our past is painful ( bad) than it ultimately effects on our mind.

    2. Any wrost incident happened to you . Kind of accident , or any other things that is going to effect our mental health we must try to forget it .

    3. When you loose someone very much close to your heart . It is not always easy to move on . Sometimes it is very difficult but it is life we have to move according to the situation . I am not saying to completely forgot anyone . I am only saying to just move on with them .

    4. Someone who never gives respect to you and always hurts you . Yes you need to forget him in your life.

    5. Always try to forget your flaws , if you are not scoring well in exams just try to forget your marks . The only thing is neede is smart work and hard work. So always focus on that.

    So these are the things we must try to forget in our life to make our present worthy.

    Hope , you will be satisfied with my answer.

    Thank you

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