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Activity Discussion General Discussion Which planet is called red planet and why? Reply To: Which planet is called red planet and why?

  • Nehal

    May 18, 2021 at 11:37 am
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    There are total eight planets in our solar system. Mars is considered to be one of those. It is the fourth plants from the sun. And our neighbour. Mars is also know as “red planet” Mars is approximately 142 million miles away from the sun and is half the size of our plants earth. A day in mars could be as Lon as 24.6 hours and a year in mars can be off 687 days.

    Mars have two moons, which are small in size, Phobos and Deimos. There are a lot of mountains and longest Vally in the solar system. Mars also has volcanoes. Regions of mars are generally flat. There are a lot of dust storms on mars. The one who discovered marks with the help of telescope was Galileo Galilei. There are many rockets launched to mars. There have been n number of discoveries also.

    It is know as a red planet because soil in mars looks red in colour like rusty iron. Another reason why mars is known as “red planet” because it appears reddish – orangish star from sky. Mars is a very cold planet with minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The another reason why mars is a red planet is because of its atmosphere. There is no life in mars as there is less of oxygen in the air and more of carbon dioxide. Mars has so much iron oxide in its surface because of which the planet is smaller and has lesser gravity that earth.

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