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Activity Discussion Environment Why is oxygen necessary to survive and what will happen if there is no oxygen in Reply To: Why is oxygen necessary to survive and what will happen if there is no oxygen in

  • Sakchi

    May 18, 2021 at 12:02 pm
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    “Oxygen is the life supporting gas”. It is one of the most important gases present in our planet . It is very clear during this corona crisis what is the importance of oxygen . Oxygen is only the gase which we inhale and our body is functioning only because of oxygen.

    Here some of the importance of oxygen for our body functions:-

    1. As we know , it plays a critical role in respiration (process by which energy is produced. As during respiration oxygen break down into simple soluble substances like CO2, water, and energy). We need oxygen to stay alive.

    2. Oxygen also helps in purification of water( sewage treatment)

    3. Oxygen has ability to increase the body’s absorption capacity of vitamins , minerals , proteins and essential nutrients.

    4. If you are not getting a proper amount of oxygen than your memory power shortens. You are not able to remember it . This a one of the serious problem in polluted cities.

    Now , I am telling you from where do we get oxygen yes you are correct from the plants by the process of photosynthesis. It is very clear that why plants are very important for mankind. We must stop deforestation and save plants and trees.

    If there is no oxygen available in the atmosphere we will ultimately die. It is the life saving gas. Our whole process will stop working. Our lungs, heart , kidney all the vital organs will stop working.

    Also the animals , birds and aquatic life also sinks.

    Oxygen has vital role for both animals and humans .

    So we must try to save our environment . Stop pollution . Create awareness about this.

    Thank you!!

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