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Activity Discussion General Discussion Things that are important in life Reply To: Things that are important in life

  • Anushree

    May 18, 2021 at 1:40 pm
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    We all are gifted with the wonderful gift of life by the almighty. Life is an amazing journey according to Shakespeare life is a stage where we enter through birth and exit through death and in the mean time between birth and death, we all play our individual parts to add on our essence to this world.

    To sustain life, we need some basic requirements if a person is doing well after owning the requirements, then only, they go toward luxury. The definition of importance varies from person to person. To a mere beggar the availability of the most basic bread and water is important where as to a millionaire it is important to maintain brands and a class always.

    But apart from everything if we look at the world unbiased, we will see some things without which sustaining life will almost be impossible:

    1. Family: A supporting family who stands by one in every moment be it happy or sad.

    2. Mental peace: Going to the bed at the end of the day with some peace is all what needs, a person may have a lot of money but the one who has peace is wealthier than him.

    3. Health: A healthy body is also a necessity as we all know health is wealth.

    4. Friends: True friends who loves u no matter what is also an integral part of life.

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