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Activity Discussion General Discussion Discuss why family planning is important in India. Reply To: Discuss why family planning is important in India.

  • Aruja

    May 18, 2021 at 1:42 pm
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    India is the world seven largest country with the population of 1.3 billion and the total world population is 7 billion. So here we can compare the population of India and the world we can clearly see that India has a huge population then it should be.

    Why Indian is over populated?

    During the time of Gandhi Raj Congress raised a slogan ‘hum do hamare do’ . This is one of the biggest reason for their overpopulated India. The second reason is a lack of education. Peoples are not enough educated to understand that if they are bringing a life into this word they have the responsibility to nourish them properly and give them their basic rights. That is education, clothing, proper living and proper nutrition. In one family if we see there are 3-4 childrens, and the family is a middle class family, of course they will bent under the line of poverty. As taking responsibility of 3 or 4 children, when you have a uniform income, is not at all possible you need to give them all the facilities that any other child require. So this is the reason that most of the population is living in slum areas and the backward areas, villages. Because due to lack of money they to do not take responsibility of educating their child and specially the girl child and sometimes they just kill the girl child before the birth and may practice child marriage to get rid of there responsibilities. So before giving birth to a child parents should make sure that are there enough capable take responsibility of a child and give them a happy life.

    What are the affect of overpopulation and need of family planning?

    Because of overpopulation there is so much inequality, crime unemployment, uneducated people. As when you are then never get discovered because there are so many numbers. Except for the some places discrimination is everywhere in matter of caste,religion, gender, etc. Because of not the proper family planning the families go into dept, as they are not capable of handling the expensive of their child. Because of the lack of education a huge amount of people face unemployment, and they go on a path of crime to earn money.

    So family planning is important not only to control the population of the country but also to maintain the peace in the country and to put a stop at the wrong practices.

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