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Activity Discussion General Discussion Is lockdown a solution to covid 19? Reply To: Is lockdown a solution to covid 19?

  • Manpreet

    May 18, 2021 at 2:20 pm
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    Let us first discuss what covid-19 actually means.

    Covid – 19 is a disease caused by the deadly corona virus. The entire world is suffering from this pandemic. It is an infectious disease and is basically transmitted by an infected patient. It is air borne too, spreads through droplet infection and can also spread by coming in close contact with the objects touched by a covid positive patient.

    The only solution to get rid of this virus of proper sanitization and social distancing. Nothing can break the chain of the virus except social distancing. Vaccine is a treatment. The permanent solution is to break the chain of this virus. If this virus do not get a host, it will eventually die. The patient is thus kept in isolation.

    Lockdown is the only solution to this pandemic. Wearing masks and proper sanitization, social distancing is the only solution to break this chain of virus. Due to lockdown, most of the people will stay indoors and hence they won’t catch infection neither will they spread the infection.

    Vaccination is a treatment to prevent infection. But to get rid of this virus, we need to break its multiplying chain. Thus lockdown is the best decision. No host- no virus. Thus people are being isolated and quarantined so that they do not spread infection. It is our duty to stay indoors and use proper precautionary measures to help our country get rid of this deadly virus.

    Stay home and stay safe. Help the front line warriors to kill this virus before it kills us. Help the nation, help the world. Step out only when it is highly important, only when you don’t have an alternative. Step out with proper precautions. Wear your mask properly – abpve the nose. Try double mask method, sanitize yourself and your belongings that you took out or brought home. You can save the nation. We can save the nation.

    I hope everyone stays safe and this hard time ends super soon.

    Thank you!

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