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Activity Discussion General Discussion Things to forget in life Reply To: Things to forget in life

  • Anushree

    May 18, 2021 at 2:37 pm
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    Life is a continuous holy process which has many ups and downs. It is basically a roller coaster ride which is gifted by the almighty to us. At times we face so much of negativity and stuffs which do demotivate us like anything, nothing goes right at that time and we feel the worst, we feel like giving up on life but that is not a genuine solution.

    It is very natural to face failure in life it depends on the person who is facing it some people take this failure very deeply and tend to give up but this is not a heroic task, a brave person would always learn from the previous mistakes and will always keep trying keeping in mind not to repeat the previous mistakes and implementing the lessons one learnt before.

    One more important thing is that one must try to forget the bad incidents after learning the lessons given by it because human nature has vividly given examples that if a person revises his/her failure very frequently this affects the mental health and is a very wrong and harmful practise. We should also tend to forget bad memories which gives us pain may be some very near or dear ones who left our side when we required support. Such memories also cause irritation and thus we should tend to forget all the things which gives a NEGETIVE impact to our lives.

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