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Activity Discussion Environment What is smog? How is it formed? How does it affect us? Reply To: What is smog? How is it formed? How does it affect us?


    May 18, 2021 at 4:26 pm
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    The condition of smog is gradually spreading all over the country now. It is no different from a pollution condition. If you break the name smog, you will get two words which are: smoke and fog. Thus, if we make a simple definition then smog is simply smoke mixed with fog. Here, in this condition, the smog is much more dense, heavy. The chemical interference makes it so much more toxic.

    A long time ago, around 1900, London faced one such condition when the whole city got wrapped in the dangerous smog condition. Later, the scientists coined this condition to be a “smog”.


    Smog is created when multiple chemical reactions take place in the air.

    Much of the volatile components are involved here. The compounds that are involved in the process, generally come from automobiles, power plants, factories. Not only that chemicals are also involved in day-to-day activities. Plastic products when burnt they release a chemical substance that creates toxic clouds. But majorly the cause of fog is due to the automobile activities only.

    Another factor that affects the formation, is the weather condition of the surrounding. The temperature plays a vital role. Whenever there is a rise in temperature in the condition of the weather, the smog increases as well. Therefore, on a hot sunny day, the smog increases further.

    Also, the smog becomes dense and static whenever the warm air gets collected on the lower surface. It creates an unmovable layer that keeps the city gloomy for a long time.


    1. It causes bronchitis, lung cancer, and other lung diseases in the people leaving in the city.

    2. The ozone layer is depleted. This limits the UV radiation too.

    3. The amount of Vitamin D received is much low. This results in weakening bone density in children

    4. Pneumonia is also a common effect.

    5. Restricts the long growth of the plants and crops.

    6. Reduces visibility.

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