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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What is ozone hole? Reply To: What is ozone hole?

  • Nehal

    May 18, 2021 at 4:43 pm
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    According to english dictionery ozone hole means-

    a region of marked thinning of the ozone layer in high latitudes, chiefly in winter, attributed to the chemical action of CFCs and other atmospheric pollutants. The resulting increase in ultraviolet light at ground level gives rise to an increased risk of skin cancer”.

    Ozone layer had started thinning since 1980s, scientists had discovered that the thinning is because of increased concentration of ozone depleting chemicals. The ozone loss was known as Ozone hole. The two gases responsible for ozone hole are mentioned below:

    Ozone depletion is because of chlorofluorocarbons and halons gases (Nitrogenous gases) which are released into the air. These gases are found in cans, refrigerator, aerosol spray etc. These gases causes chemical reactions that breaks down the molecules of ozone layer which indeed reduces the radiation absorbing capacity.

    Ozone in the upper atmosphere and it absorbs ultraviolet rays and radiation. The sun releases electromagnetic radiations which are harmful for us. So earth has different atmosphere that protects it from reaching us. Uv radiation cannot be seen or felt but it has a very powerful effect. One can say that uv radiation can be a small cause of global warming. Human activities that releases pollutants in the air because ozone depletion and global warming.

    It’s harmful effect on us are:

    – The different type of uv rays which are released by the sun and that reaches our earth, those rays will its effect on everything be it humans, plants, animals. For humans there can be higher risk of skin cancer , sunburns, and different types of skin diseases. For plants it might attests its growth. For animals the same might happen as humans.

    – Planktons are also greatly affected by the uv rays. It can also be a small reason of global warming.

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