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Activity Discussion Essay Visiting Zoo for the First Time Reply To: Visiting Zoo for the First Time

  • Ishita

    May 18, 2021 at 4:44 pm
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    My first time visit to a Zoo

    Zoo is a place which always fascinate me. I love to visit zoo. It might because I’m an animal lover and to see different types of animals and know about them makes me very happy. On the previous winter I visited zoo for the first time. I went there with my parents. The name of the zoo is Alipur zoo. On a Sunday morning my parents suddenly made the plan to surprise me. I was getting to excited that I first finish my homework . My mom then made some delicious food for lunch and took some important stuff. In near 11 a.m we leave for our destination. We took a bus to go there. During the whole journey I keep questioning my dad about the zoo, but he never looked annoyed. I thought my excitement make him amazed. After one hour we reached to the zoo. My dad book tickets and then we entered in it. The Zoo was so big and beautiful that fascinate me and there were also so many animals, birds, mammals and reptiles to see. We first went to see the tiger, lion, elephant , white tiger and the other animals. After that we saw the birds. There are many rear kinds of peacock , parrot and other birds. We ate our lunch and then mother bought me ice cream and nuts. I wished to feed the animals but my parents told me it not allowed here, which made me little sad. At the last we visited the reptile house, where I saw different types of snakes, crocodile and many more. Before leaving the zoo we saw the chimpanzee. The chimpanzee was so cute and doing different types of acts to make us laugh. The loved the chimpanzee the most. After that we took a bus to home. I felt so good and I told my parents to take me there again.

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