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  • Nehal

    May 18, 2021 at 7:01 pm
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    It is very important to be hydrated. As water is the most essential thing. Water plays a very important role everywhere, be in our body or our atmosphere. To surive we need water. Every body part needs water to fuction properly be in cells, tissues, etc. Adult human body comprises 60% of water.

    – It regulates our body temperature.

    – It provides lubrication to our joints.

    – It helps to increase sleep quality.

    – It helps to remove the soild waste out of our body.

    – It also prevents infections from happening.

    – It helps to deliver nutrients to the cell.

    – It also helps to provide beautiful clear skin.

    – It helps to increase energy.

    – It also helps to reduce weight.

    – It It is very important to hydrate ourselevs.

    – It also helps to create slavia.

    – It also helps to prevent constipation.

    – It helps to increase blood flow circulation in our body.

    – It helps body from dehydrating.

    When a person who does not drink enough water the person is said to be dehydrated and when a person drinks enough water the person is said to be hydrated. A person can know wether he/she is fully hydrated or not by looking at his/her urine. If the colour of the urine is yellow then the person needs to drink more water and the colour of the urine is white/pale white ( if its clear) then the person is hydrated. An adult is advised to drink at-least 10-14 glass of water, while child in the age group of 4-8 years can drink 7-8 glasses of water, while 10-14 years should drink 9-12 glasses of water.

    Water is really important for our body and one should not avoid drinking water. As it helps to regulate many important fuctions of our body.

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