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Activity Discussion History How has India prosper under the Khalji Rule? Reply To: How has India prosper under the Khalji Rule?

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 18, 2021 at 7:27 pm
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    The Khalji clan was from the Afghan village of Khalj. Jalaluddin khilji is the founder the dynastye. He has an old man of 70 years and he deputed his brothers, sons and nephews at various “strategic” posts in the government. His time period was 1290 to 1296. Later his nephew succeeded him.Allauddin Khilji 1296-1316 original name was Ali Gurshap.

    *Alauddin Khilji rules:

    •He proclaimed-kingship knows no kinship

    •Invasions of Mongols

    •First Turkish sultan to separate religion from politics

    •Annexed Gujarath married Kamla Devi Raja’s wife

    •Acquired Malik Kafur and appointed him in charge of south

    •Indian expedition

    •Annexed Ranthombhor,Mewar,Malwa,Jalor.

    •Built Alai Fort , Alai Darwaja, Hazar Situm , Hauz Khas and capital.

    *Administrative reforms:

    •Four ordinances

    •The Ist ordinance aimed at the confiscation of

    the religious endowments and free grants of


    •Reorganised the spy system

    •Prohibited the use of wine

    •No social gathering for nobles

    •First sultan to have a permanent army-paid

    soldiers in cash.

    Alauddin Khilji was a rude ruler and a conqueror. But he expanded his kingdom. Khilji dynasty was in a short time period and have the powerful kings were Alauddin Khilji and Jalaluddin khilji. Queen Padmavati and the poem about the strong queen Padmavati is in during the period of Khilji.

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