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Activity Discussion General Discussion Is lockdown a solution to covid 19? Reply To: Is lockdown a solution to covid 19?

  • Kumari

    May 18, 2021 at 9:58 pm
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    I think lockdown is indeed a solution for the present situation of covid. It is very important because then only the chain will break. If school, colleges shops will open people will have to go out and as it is said that virus is in the air people just won’t be able to protect themselves. Children of the age below 18 are at the highest risk of getting infected as there is no vaccine been launched till now for them. They need to be more careful as in this 2nd wave they are the one being effected the most. This time the adults age group has also been effected alot. Lots of health, fit people left us . Lots of doctors and nurses gave their lifes in treating us. For saving ourselves all we can do it to maintain social distancing, avoid physical contact washing and sanitising our hands. If a person has co morbidity such as diabetes, blood sugar, tuberculosis etc it is important for them to maintain the level as rise in the level is also causing deaths. If a person is suffering from covid they should surely go for some blood test and scan for the lungs as these are part effected by the virus the most.
    According to me rise of the 2nd of covid is also because as the situation came under control after the first lockdown all the things were opened again,people became careless, they started thinking that they have this biological war but that was not true. This wave is much more dangerous that the first wave and more people have died of all the age groups in this wave so the people need to be more carefull and take care of them and there families. Stay at home ,then only the chain of the virus will break.

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