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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What are primary and secondary cells? Reply To: What are primary and secondary cells?

  • Aparajita

    May 18, 2021 at 10:58 pm
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    Here is brief explanation to primary cells and secondary cells.

    · Primary Cells

    These cells are for one time use only. Once used completely, it should be discarded. These types of cells cannot be recharged or reused. If keenly observed, the label of these cells provides caution notice saying it must not be recharged, if tried can explode. Primary cells are commonly found and used in most of the electric toys, clocks, wrist watches and domestic remote controllers.

    · Secondary Cells

    These cells are also known as chemical cells. Unlike primary cells, these are rechargeable in nature. Due to chemical reaction, the cells electricity gets reversed and as a result, the same cells can be saved and reused multiple after recharging process. All of the battery packs inside those automobiles are made of secondary cells. Another common use for secondary batteries is for starting, lighting, and ignition in vehicles.

    · Key difference between primary cell and secondary cell

    a) Primary cells don’t solve long term objective. While secondary cells can be considered potential for long term use.

    b) Primary cells are cost effective, while secondary cells are comparatively expensive.

    c) Primary cells are easy to use. Secondary cells are complex in usage.

    d) Secondary cells have higher
    self-discharge capability as compared to primary cells.

    I hope this answer helps!😊

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