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Activity Discussion General Discussion How does advertisment acts as a communication? Reply To: How does advertisment acts as a communication?

  • Soniya

    May 19, 2021 at 12:47 am
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    We human beings require to communicate with each other in order to express our views. Communication was one of the best inventions and plays one of the key roles in human life today. Without communication we would not have been able to express our thoughts freely and could not have been so technologically advanced.

    Communication can be of various forms such as through speech,through expressions, through body language etc. Forms of communication can also be distinguished as written communication which include email, letter, quotes, posts etc. Also communication can be done to a single individual or to a large number of people. Such type of communication in which a single piece of information can be communicated to a large group of people , it is called as mass communication. Newspaper is an example of mass communication. With the help of newspaper lakhs and lakhs of people can be informed about any news Or happenings around the world. In this form of communication the printed paper acts as a medium to spread knowledge and information to large group of people. It is very helpful in communicating a person’s thoughts and ideas to a larger audience. Newspaper now forms a essential part of human life. The first newspaper in India was the Bengal gazette which was launched by a British citizen in the early 19th century. From then the newspaper industry of India is beaming and has become a key part in human life.

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