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Activity Discussion General Discussion How does advertisment acts as a communication? Reply To: How does advertisment acts as a communication?

  • Mahima

    May 19, 2021 at 1:10 am
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    ADVERTISING: It is a type of paid communication that is intended to convince or persuade people to buy or try something. It helps in creating awareness in the market. Through advertisements, we can inform people what new products or services are introduced in the market and what features and advantages those products and services are having.

    Companies can persuade customers through advertisements. Advertising is a type of one-way communication in which brands interact with customers through various mediums. Advertising may be non-personal, such as on television, radio, or in newspapers, or extremely personal, such as on social media.


    1) Social Media Advertising

    2) Pay Per Click Advertising

    3) Mobile Advertising

    4) Print Advertising

    5) Broadcast Advertising

    6) Outdoor advertising

    7) Email Advertising


    1.BRANDING: Through advertising we can introduce our brand to the audience, informing the audience about the brand is a process of communication through advertising. That image guides their interactions with the firm as depicted in advertising and goods. The Coca-Cola commercial with an ethnically, age and gender-diverse gathering of individuals on a hill singing “I want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” is a classic example of branding through advertising.

    2.EDUCATION: Advertising also serves to introduce a product and provide information about it. Coca-famous Cola’s bottle with condensation, which is held by a smiling and refreshed individual, is another example of how Coca-Cola conveys the value of its product as a cool, refreshing drink that makes the consumer happy in a print ad. The predominantly red and white shades harken back to prior branding, and the characteristic bottle shape instantly recognizes the drink as Coca-Cola, even if the label is unreadable.

    3.CALL TO ACTION: Do you have a Coca-Cola in your hand right now? That is the call to action. When you see someone enjoying one, it reminds you that you would like one as well. The tag line “The pause that refreshes” confirms your feelings and adds urgency to the situation. Indeed, after a few years of Coca-Cola advertising, you’ll be mentally trained to respond to the red and white colours, bottle shape, and brand name. You contemplate if you want to buy a Coca-Cola right now.

    4.URGENCY: Advertising also spreads the word about limited-time offers that generate a sense of urgency. When you see an ad for a Memorial Day sale on anything you want to buy, you know you have to buy on the day of the sale to get the best deal. Coupon ads create the same sense of urgency.

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