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Activity Discussion Environment Replace plastic Reply To: Replace plastic

  • tanya

    May 19, 2021 at 2:23 am
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    If we look around ourselves, we will find a lot of objects that are made out of plastic. From a small pin to large objects, most of them somehow contain plastic. Plastics are synthetic polymers of carbon and other elements with high molecular mass. They are malleable and can be easily converted into solid objects. They are generally therefore used in boxes, packaging, carry bags, switches, utensils, etc. It is known to all that plastics are very harmful to our environment but because of their easy low-cost production, we keep on using them. Plastics are non-degradable and their natural decomposition may take up to 400-1000 years. Plastic materials clog waterways and many animals tend to consume these materials. Consuming plastics leads to the death of animals and seabirds as well. Plastic is widely used in packaging but eating out of a plastic container may cause cancer. The cost of recycling plastic is also very high.

    In place of the plastic polythenes, we should increase the use of jute bags which are more reliable as well as have a long life. Apart from jute bags, paper bags or cloth bags can also be used. Stainless steel, metal, wood, glass are some of the best alternatives for plastics. In place of plastic straws, paper straws should be used. For the kitchen utensils, using wooden items should be encouraged.

    The best way to protect our Mother Earth is to reduce and eventually forbid the use of plastics. Despite knowing all the harm that it causes to us and our environment, we keep on using them. The government has also restricted the use of plastics in our country but the factories producing plastics are not stopping their production. If we want to survive for a longer time, we need to understand this issue and should stand with the government to restrict its usage.

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